Visitor Tracking, Click Counters and Visit Time

Our Visitor Tracking framework is very useful in the context of online surveys to measure the usability of web sites or online applications. By tracking what pages of your web site visitors have viewed or monitoring where user's click in an application's user interface, before asking them to complete an online survey you obtain the full picture of the visitors interaction with your site or application. Having a complete trace of their actions provides important context to understand their answers.

The Visitor Tracking framework is also useful when using Interceptum for intake questionnaires or as a "Contact Us" mechanism. When the visitor completes the intake form or contacts support, the sales or support team will have a complete trace of the pages viewed.

This detailed information can be used by the sale team to determine what products or services are of interest to the client, and can also tell them what information the client has seen on these products or services. The time spent on each page will also indicate if a client has rapidly skipped over pages.

Track each page viewed or each click in a website or in an online application.

Automatically capture all the pages viewed by a visitor during a visit to better understand how visitors navigate your website..

Capture the amount of time spent on each page of your web site.

Automatically capture how much time a visitor spends on each page of your site. This will allow you to better understand what visitors are doing on your website..

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